Monday, July 02, 2007

Weekend Ride Report

The weekend saw myself and Captain Bob make an early morning assault on the Boy Scout Camp this past Saturday. Sorry, but we both forgot our cameras, so you'll have to form your own mental imagery on this one!

The Scout Camp is, of course, being used heavily this summer. We arrived to find ourselves surrounded by scouts, tents, and vehicles in the parking lot because of the two week Jamboree going on. Since it was six o'clock when we started out, we had to go into stealth mode and steer clear of the campgrounds. Shhhh! Sleeping Scouts!

The other two things that were a bit of a challenge were the cold morning air, (63 degrees) and the dark under the trees. Night hadn't loosed hold of it's grip there yet and silly me with my shades on! The first switchback and ravine section was interesting to say the least! I was leading because Captain Bob said he didn't want me to run him over when he crashed. (Is he saying I'm fat?) He never did crash, by the way.

We managed to clear out into a slightly less dark section and then the sun started peeking through the trees, totally eliminating the sight problems. The trail was dry, rough, and even wet, soft, and muddy in some select few places. A real potpourri of conditions to test out the ACX Tubeless Ready front tire I had just swapped out to. The back was still the Dry X. Great hook up this time and really, no worries at all. Handling was spot on from the tires.

I have had a broken right shifter on the XXIX+G since my horrendous lawn dart endo of about a month ago. I do have a replacement waiting for me to pick up, (sorry Brent!) but I've been so dang busy lately I can't get over to pick it up. So I suffered single speed style on Saturday. That is until Captain Bob morphed into Captain Obvious during a rest stop and said, "Doesn't your front derailluer work?" Duhhh! And all the heinous climbing was already done! Bah! I guess I am just a single speeder at heart!

Anyway, we didn't ride all that long, but we had a great time and I learned that the Tubeless Ready set up could work really well. So, it was a good trip to make. Look for a more detailed write up on the ACX Tubeless Ready tire soon on Twenty Nine Inches along with a Tubeless Ready wheel update.

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