Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday News And Views

On The Back Side? Looks like the cold is exiting stage left this morning. By Saturday we're supposed to be up near freezing. Yee ha! I think I will run around naked since I will be sweating in the overheated atmosphere. (Not! Just kidding!) But it will feel really warm after being way below zero around here for the last 48 hours. I went out and started my wife's car this morning at -24 degrees. Ya know, it really doesn't feel that much different than -10 degrees did the night before. I don't know, but it is a really weird deal when the air gets this cold.

So, yeah. What about bicycle stuff? Well, there hasn't been much to report lately. I should be getting a dump of parts needed to start building the Raleigh Ranier project soon. Once that starts I plan on documenting that and the results should show up on The Bike Lab and here. Stay tuned.... Then there is something black and ominous coming from north of the border to be built up and tested for a series on Twenty Nine Inches. What is it? Well, let's just say for now that it is something that wasn't good enough for this guy since he's a high falutin' on the grey metal machine. (Good for him, by the way. ) It's all good though. Look for the surprise to show up soon. Besides that, I got some more rotors to mount on some wheels that were missing those.

To be honest, with this weather I am not motivated at all to deal with bicycle stuff. It makes me depressed to look at the rigs and know that I can't ride them now without doing major frostbite damage and leaving my kids alone in the house for hours on end since they don't go to school in these ridiculous temperatures. Oh well.....this too shall pass...........

Trans Iowa Ritchey Sponsorship Update: As of this morning I have heard from 31 on the roster in regards to the call for your tire size that you will be running at T.I.V5. Get me your tire size if you have not done it yet here. I'll need to forward the results of the survey by January 31st, so unless you want a 700X35mm tube and a rim strip for a 700c wheel, you had better get on the stick. (Yes- that is the leading size in the survey so far)

In other T.I.V5 news, I need volunteers! If you can give up some major chunks of time on May 2nd-3rd, let me know here. I have a few souls lined up, but I could stand to have several more folks. Remember, volunteering for V5 gets you an automatic entry into V6 should it occur. You will be helping to run one or more of our three checkpoints or manning the finish line. You will be in close contact with the guys and gals in this event and get to talk to them, see what it takes to do the event, and get a feel for the atmosphere that I can't properly explain in words. I guarantee that you will enjoy it, if you are the least bit fascinated by ultra endurance events.

I'm hoping that we can have separate crews at all the checkpoints, but if you are up for the marathon. all-nighter, graveyard thing, that's cool. Just let me know. Also, if you are a photographer and want to take some killer pics of cyclists in rural Iowa in epic conditions, you are invited too. Let me know by hitting that e-mail link above and I can work through the details with you.

Normally this is the line where I encourage you to ride your bikes. I still desire that for you, but do please be careful about it with this crazy weather. Better to sacrifice a ride or two now to ride again in a month or so.

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