Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tinkering Time

<====Tap, tap....face.....tap, tap!

Got out the big guns of the repair tool arsenal in The Lab the other day to get started on a couple of builds. First to go was the Dissent. I tapped and faced the bottom bracket, even though it was pretty clean anyway. Heck, with Shimano's near perfection cartridge bottom brackets of yore, this step is fairly needless anyway. (Everything is aligned within the cartridge, and doesn't rely on the BB shell faces to be parallel.) But since I have the tools, I must use them, or lose them! And who knows? Maybe someday I'll put a two piece crank on this frame, and then the facing will make a difference!

<===Look deep within for a subliminal message! (click pic to make hugeriffic!)

The next step was to slam in the UN-54 BB with Loc-Tite and tighten that ol' dog up. Then I procured a few "necessities" from the Thin Man and those will be installed on this rig and the Raleigh Rainier, which is the next rig to get the BB faced and chased. Wheels need to be built and brakes mounted. Lots of stuff to assemble now. Hopefully a couple of complete rigs will emerge from the basement Lab soon.

And then there is always the riding part, which I plan to partake in tomorrow. Hey! We're above freezing again. Almost feels good enough to go without a coat!


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