Friday, January 30, 2009

Trans Iowa Deadlines Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a big day in Trans Iowa V5 preparations. The tire sizes that needed to be e-mailed to me are due then for the Ritchey Designs sponsorship. Then the other big deadline is for The Waiting List. This list will be dissolved tomorrow at midnight. Here's the latest on The Waiting List.........

There have been a few last minute drops. If you are on The Waiting List, you received an e-mail from me that indicated where on the line you were approximately. So if you are one of those folks, and you know you were close, hang tight, you may be receiving an e-mail sometime late today asking if you still want on.

I may be e-mailing folks on the Waiting List for spots available as late as Saturday, so please do not be surprised if you don't get notification until then. I have some plans with Mrs. Guitar Ted for the evening, so I won't be thinking much about Trans Iowa. Sorry! But that's how it goes folks!

If you do not hear from me by Saturday night......well, I'm sorry, but you didn't get in. Hopefully there will be a chance for you in 2010's edition of T.I. To you, thanks for your interest in the event, and have a great 2009 in life and cycling!

Finally, I just wanted to say "Thank You" to those who for whatever reason found that they could not attend May 2-3rd and e-mailed me and d.p. Your thoughtfulness, your kind words, and character is well appreciated on this end. Of course, we would rather that things worked out, and that you could have attended, but we certainly understand each and every drop we have heard about so far. Again, thanks for letting us know.

One final note: Although the Waiting List is about to become history, that doesn't mean we don't need to know if you are not going to make T.I.V5. Oh no! Actually, it's more important than ever that we know. Please don't be the guy/gal that decides to "no-show" the eve of the event and waste d.p. and my time and effort. Let us know in advance, as soon as possible. It saves us a lot of energy and money generating cue sheets and race packets. Thanks for your consideration of this and in the end, hopefully it is not necessary. We hope everyone makes it for T.I.V5 on May 1st for the race packet pick up.

Okay, the weather is breaking here in the Mid-West, right? (Positive attitudes folks!) Let's start riding outside again and having some fun doing it. I'm certainly ready!

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