Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday News And Views

Raleigh Rainier Bits: Some of you might remember that I had gotten a Raleigh Rainier single speed cyclo-cross bike awhile ago. Well, almost all of the bits and pieces are here now. Almost! A few key things are yet to arrive and then the build will commence. Documentation in photos will be provided!

Trans Iowa Tire Survey: The Ritchey Design sponsorship of Trans Iowa V5 required me to put out a call to all on the roster to get their tire size to me so the tubes Ritchey wants to provide, (one to each person on the roster) will fit the bikes they are going to use. Well, so far I have 46 people out of 75 responding and the tire size that seems to be the most popular so far is 700 X 35mm. I guess that means that if your tire blows out, chances are good that you could mug a nearby competitor for one of their wheels and it might fit!

Oddly enough, only two responders are riding 26 inch wheels.

You have until January 31st to get me the tire size you are using for T.I.V5 if you are on the roster and have not responded yet. If I do not hear from you, I will assume a size of 700 X 35mm and be done with it. Also, if you have come up against something that prevents you from coming to T.I.V5, please let me know! Hit me with an e-mail because I have a few anxious people yet on The Waiting List. Thanks!

Signs Of Slowing Down?: The buzz around the industry is that some companies are quietly laying off some employees, some are planning on cutting back a bit, and overall a general quietness blankets the cycling industry. I think that in some ways this shows that there are some smart folks running some of these companies. While cycling in general enjoyed an up year in '08, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that maybe things might not be as rosy in '09. Cutting back or at least holding course seems to be the prudent thing to do for now. perhaps this spring, when the weather breaks, we'll see how 2009 is going to go, but until then, it seems as though everyone is holding their breath.

No Slowing Down Here Though! Plans are being laid and things are in the pipeline that should prove to be the makings of a very busy spring here at Guitar Ted Laboratories. It's going to be really interesting with some of the products coming in for Twenty Nine Inches and some other changes in the making. Stay tuned! It certainly won't be boring here!

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