Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Changes and Things To Come

<===The Lynskey "Ridgeline" 29"er that is set to retail for sub 1300 clams!

It appears that the Lynskey Ridgeline 29"er will be making a limited engagement appearance on Iowa soil soon. If all pans out, a size Large will be prowling the woods in these parts, so keep yer eyes peeled for that this spring.

If you can't wait for that, Lynskey is taking orders now, so you can have your own gray metallic wonder bike. Cool!

In other bike news, that "north of the border" company is confirmed to have sent out a flat black hot rod frame and fork which should be showing up for a full on Twenty Nine Inches thrashing next week. Of course, there will be pics and news of the build up with ride details coming here as well. Look for a handle bar review on The Bike Lab to be included as well. Bonus! There will be other goodies and surprises coming with this project too, so stay tuned!

Finally, there is a newsy bit that features me! Guitar Ted is now the head cheese of the Crooked Cog Network. My spewing of screed has gotten me this far, so I figure I'll press onward through the fog to horizons unknown. Wahoo! Seriously though, I'll be the head writer of words now there and doing all of the other sundry tasks. It means that you won't see much, if any changes here, so no worries about this ol' blog.

Speaking of which, maybe its time to freshen up around here. Whatta ya think?

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