Saturday, January 17, 2009

A "How To" Worth Reading On Taping Drop Bars

When it comes to drop bar knowledge, you have to eventually make a stop at Matt Chester's place. The guy has delved into the history of drop bar geometry further than anybody I am aware of. He has tons of experience with riding drops, and several ideas that have been evolved through this experience are well worth checking into if you are interested in drop bars for mountain biking.
Well, I was cruising his site recently and came across this gem regarding how to make a padded drop bar set up and tape it. I have been experimenting on my own with lots of various set ups for a taping job, and ironically am super close to what Matt has going on here, which I found very encouraging.
So, I highly recommend hitting the link and copying and pasting that sucker to your hard drive, cause there is some hard won wisdom right there for the taking. Thanks to Matt for sharing that. I hope all you folks hitting up my blog for drop bar info will give a tip of your hat northward for the knowledge available from Matt.
A personal note: I was excited for three consecutive years to know that Matt Chester might be coming to do Trans Iowa, but it never panned out. One of my dashed hopes that I hope to rectify someday is to meet him and thank him. Until then, a digital high five!

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