Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday News And Views

Cycling? What's That?: You may have noticed that I have not posted about riding lately. That's because- let's just get this out of the way- it has been a brutal winter. We just got dumped on again last night with at least 4-5 inches of pow-pow. Seriously.......down hill skiers would kill for this stuff. Why do we have it? I guess we have it so I can cross train. Then the cold. We're supposed to approach 20 degrees below zero tonight! Thankfully we are supposed to get into the upper 20's by the weekend.

Dirty Kanza 200: Allrighty then. I got into this dealio again. I made a family vacation plan that includes this. Unless something drastic happens, I'll be there. Otherwise, I am not going to say much about this. No "training updates", no plans hashed and rehashed on this site ad nauseum. Why? Personally, I don't want to raise my expectations to a point and have them dashed like last year, and it would be boring reading. Oh............I suppose there might be an off hand mention here and there. But now you know I'm going, and that's the main thing. Don't expect a whole lot more until I get to the event and afterwards. Over and out!

The Times They Are A Changin': Besides the obvious reference, I mentioned not long ago that there were some big changes coming for me. Well, here's a bit of an update: It's happening now. Over the course of the next couple of weeks I suspect that the changes will all be in place and then I will be free to make an announcement. Suffice it to say, it is a big deal!

Okay..........I get to stay with my kids all day. School is out due to the snow. Yahoooooo!!!!

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