Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leaving Lost Wages

<====Oakley Carbon fiber shades worn by Lance Armstrong in the Tour. All $4500.00 worth!

So, here's the deal. Instead of paying some hotel for a room that I'd have for only maybe six hours, I chose to hang out at McCarran International.......all night long!

ow before ya'all say I'm crazy, you need to know that McCarran has free internet. Free! Plus, there is hardly a soul around, and I'm getting massive amounts of work done for Twenty Nine Inches here.

really, it is a good deal. No distractions, nothing. Just me tapping out a slow, monotonous thread here in a city that seems a million miles away from me, even though the Strip is like......right there!

<====They didn't clean them. Lances sweat is still on there, I guess!

o, a word on these shades. Carved from a billet of carbon fiber, these take 96 hours to make. They are reinforced with titanium, and they are only making 200 pair. And yes, they are nearly sold out.

Oh yeah, they'll have an all aluminium version with optional anodized colors for a measly $1500.00, which they expect to disappear in a heartbeat too.

Bad economy? What?!!

expect to be hangin' here until around 5am. Then things will get all crazy, or so I am told.It is okay, 'cause I have a boarding pass. I just need to check my bag, get security to fly me through, and then board a plane about 20 minutes after six for Chi Town.

Buh Bye Las Vegas!!

I'll be home soon, if it all goes smoothly.

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