Friday, September 11, 2009

Bike Shop Horrors: Axle Grind!

<===Axle grindage! (Look next to the cone to see how much is missing!)

Sometimes it amazes me how far people will ride something before the little voice in the back of their head that is saying, "Hey! Something is not right here!", is heard over the din of the mental storm of life in their noggins.

This guy didn't here that voice for awhile, it would appear.

<===Friction? What friction?

Yeah, well the bearing was obviously the first thing to go. There wasn't a trace of the ball bearings on one side to be found. Even all the grease had been melted out of the hub due to the excessive friction and resulting heat.

Amazingly, the steel hub shell was relatively unscathed.

I was able to get the wheel back together with a new axle, bearings, cones, and fresh grease.

Mission accomplished.

Now go ride yer bikes folks, and check those hub bearings once in awhile!

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