Monday, September 21, 2009

Vegas, Dust, Wind, And Bikes


Okay, what is it about people on flights to Vegas? It's like they check out a license to dress and act foolishly. Criminy! What makes people think they look good in those goofy get ups anyway? Vegas disease, I guess.

So, I get here at 2am Mid-West time, then Grannygear and I have to find our room at Circus Circus. Funny. They should name the whole of the strip Circus Circus. It's definitely 3 ring madness!

Woke up to an air temperature about the feeling of the output of a hair dryer. Windy too. Good for dehydration for sure. So we stocked up on water and hit the demo.

Dusty, rocky terrain with your tires making the constant sound as if you were on gravel. Yeah, gravel. I can ride that in Iowa! We just don't have dusty, gravely mountains. Oh well!

So, we found free beer, free shots of whiskey, and the Chris King after show bar-be-que. All good stuff, but not all that many people this year and less vendors. Not much for schwag either. We got a schwag bag that was as big as a grocery bag with three flyers and one energy bar in it. Wow! Things have been cut back big time!

Okay, that's it for now. Stay tuned for more later, when I can get to it.

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