Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sights And Sounds Of Bootleg Canyon

<===Bike mechanics make the world, (and wheels) go 'round.

One thing I have noticed around here is that the bike mechanics are working their tails off. And.....they aren't getting any "love" for it. So, for all you guys and gals slugging it out at Interbike, thank you! You rock! You make the wheels go 'round.

Overheard at The Outdoor Demo:

"Well, I'm working pretty hard....some of the time." Jeff Kerkove when asked by a show attendee how it was going.

"I do all four disciplines, cross, road, and mountain bike". A show attendee trying to impress a product manager at Easton Wheels. I wonder which discipline counts for two? Hmmm........

"That's the worst tasting beer I've ever had! This beer is skunked or something!" A show attendee upon tasting a small brewery batch of IPA. Probably drinks Bud Light on weekends only or something. Bah! Kids these days!

"Well, I wasn't going to come up to the Demo, but the guy I'm with says to me, (speaks in whiny voice) "But I've never been to the Outdoor Demo before!" So I said, meh! Okay". Peter Kieller of Misfit Psycles on not wanting to come to Interbike.

In Other Goings On: I got my feet on the pedals of some sweet rigs here and had a blast riding the trails here. I will have to say that I need work on my air time. I just never seem to get the front end up. Oh well. I'm going to be working on that for awhile before I get the hang of it. When I accidentally do air it out right, it is pretty fun, I'll say that much!

Hit up a restaurant last night that was okay. Grannygear slept out on the balcony again last night. Freaked out some of the other folks crashing here. Funny, but communal living by Interbike attendees is rampant. Cheap rooms in Vegas? Ha! Make it cheaper by sleeping on the floor with a bunch of other bike freaks you've never met before. Snoring is not popular, by the way. So, I am not a popular guy here. Yeah.....I can saw some wood, okay? Oh well! Maybe I should be sleeping out on the balcony!

Coming home Thursday morning after getting dumped at McCarran International later tonight. The airport is pretty morgue-like during the wee hours, but it is free to hang out there, so I don't have to spend money on another nights stay when I'd barely get the bed warm. Oh well. I'll be good and ready for bed Thursday night!

Later folks! Hope to be writing next time from the home base.

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