Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Gravel Grinder In Indiana: The Gravel Grovel

Back in 2004 when Jeff Kerkove and I decided to do this crazy gravel event called Trans Iowa there weren't any gravel events longer than 40 miles that we knew of and then that was only one event. Well, since then the "gravel culture" has exploded across the Mid-West and I ain't sayin' Jeff and I had anything to do with that, but if you look at a lot of these events' rules, they are strangely familiar to the ones laid out originally on the T.I. site by Jeff, and added to over the years by myself.

I'm not snivelin', just sayin'.

I think it is pretty cool, actually. Let the people have fun on their bikes, ya know? So with that in mind, I want to introduce ya'all to the latest show down I am aware of over yonder in Indiana called the Gravel Grovel. This one happens right after Turkey Day and will encompass a bit more than 60 odd miles of what looks to me to be very hilly terrain. I have been in southern Indiana long ago, and I can vouch for the hills. They are big and many! Check out the local mtb outfit there, the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association and a little suaree' they are throwin' down called the "Brown County Breakdown", a mtb festival that shows off the trails there. Notice the steep hills? Yeah, the Gravel Grovel is going to hurt you if you go. But that hurt is oh so good, right?

If the Brown County thing lights yer fire, you can check out more photos and videos of trail here.
Looks pretty good to me. Ya know, there are a lot of really awesome trails in places you might not think of. I find that out everyday. too many trails! Too little time!

But back to the gravel thing a moment............

The good folks behind the Good Life Gravel Adventure over in Lincoln are going to do a "Gravel Worlds" next year. That's right! An actual World Champeen-ship ya'all! Stay tuned for details, but T.I., DK 200 folk, and the GLGA are all conspiring to make this a go to gravel grindin' freak show.

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