Friday, February 05, 2010

Chequamegon 100: A New Dirty Hundy

<===This here rig would work!

I got an e-mail from T.I.V5 winner Joe Meiser yesterday regarding some nit-witted idea he and his co-worker Tim Krueger hatched up. They decided to put on a 100 mile, self supported race through Chequamegon National Forest lands on CAMBA trails and fire roads.......for free!

Those doofuses. They oughtta talk to someone that could tell them a thing or two about numbskulled ideas like this. (Awesome! Way to go you guys!) I would tell them a thing or two about what they've gotten themselves into.

But, it would appear that it is too late for that. In keeping with the viral nature in regards to how fast rosters are filling up these days, by the time you read this, the event will likely be filled to its 100 rider capacity. And you know, if you've already invited people to come, it is really hard to tell them, "Whelp! We thought this over and we realized we were being rediculous, so ya'all just go on home now!" No.......that wouldn't really work very well now, would it?

Possibly the only thing that could be more silly than these two guys putting this event on is that I committed to doing it. Yup! My name is on the roster. Cleared it with Mrs. Guitar Ted, and it fits into The Schedule.'s two weeks before the Dirty Kanza, so I can always say "Hey! I'm just training, yo!" (Everything is training, right?) Anyway, I've already been told I have to "file a report" by the XXC Man hisself. I guess I better plan on showing up and finishing, even if I about die trying! Who knows what a guy that goes by "The Soiled Chammois" might be capable of! (I don't need to find that out!) 

Yeah, this idea is so whacked that it qualifies as a "badder idea" than Bad Idea Racing. Yes- that bad! But what can I do? I figured after last years embarassing outing that I had at the Rock Lake Trail I should get back for some revenge. We'll see how that all works out.

And like I said yesterday, I'll give it a try! 

Have a great weekend and if you are not in the "snow-pocalypse", maybe you can get some riding in! (I know I better get busy!)

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