Thursday, February 25, 2010

Klunker Update & Some Vintage Stuff

Klunker Update: I have the '52 DX stripped now and I am having the seat stays re-brazed to the seat tube. Once that is done I will make a few modifications and then have the frame painted.

Ideally I will have to do some minor fillet brazing and knock off that kickstand mount. I may take a piece of steel tubing from an old frame in the back and fashion a chain stay bridge which will fit where the kickstand mount is now.
Here is an inspirational build from Mike's Bikes in Northfield. Notice the drum brake hubs which are modern Sturmey Archer units. If I go this route it will make my life a lot easier!

With drum brakes I can do a righteous five speed freewheel build on a SunTour Perfect or Winner free wheel that we have example of around the shop. We also have N.O.S. cogs to build up my own ratio with, so that would be cool. I've already got a SunTour Honor rear derailluer that is period correct, (but not the coveted Cyclone GT model!)

(UPDATE: I found a GT SunTour derailluer and a Cyclone front derailluer in my shop last night!)
Mike's had a lot of klunker material sitting around, so getting some inspiration and ideas was no problem. I am hoping to peck away at this while I have time on rainy days and what not, so this won't be a pressing project. However; it should turn out pretty cool.

The color has been decided upon already too. The frame shows signs of being a dark, brick red color originally. So I am going after that with a cream dart front end in the traditional manner. The wheels will be the gold Ukai rims on the Sturmey Archer drum brake hubs. Of course, I'll have to get a Brooks saddle for it sometime!

Well, that's it for now. Look for further Klunker Updates in the future.


Captain Bob said...

Can't wait to see this project progress. It has inspired me to find an old bike to restore as well. Not sure when it will happen though.

Brick red with cream darts.....very cool!

Guitar Ted said...

Hey Rich! I lost your comment by accident, but thanks for that offer. I'll be in touch!

Steve Fuller said...

GT - What process did you use to strip the frame? I have a project I've been slowly working on for the last 3 years and the frame stripping has kept me from going forward. I stripped the rims with a wire wheel and drill, but I'm not sure how that will work with an old frame.

Guitar Ted said...

Steve: It was a media type blast- like sand blasting, but less abrasive because they used plastic beads.

I'll have to acid etch it to really have it clean enough for paint, but I'll worry about that later.