Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday News And Views

Whelp, it has been another cold and snowy week with little to no bicycle activity. I know it can't last a whole lot longer, and thoughts of getting out to test some of the stuff I have here for Twenty Nine Inches is growing heavy on my mind. I have a "responsibility complex", I guess!

<=== Oh! If only there were clear dirt trails near by! How I would thrash thee!

The one thing I really worry about now as warmer weather looms is just how fast is this stuff going to melt, and when will it rain? The right, (or wrong) combination of these two answers could mean that the floods we saw in 2008 could be eclipsed by a potential flood like we have never seen the likes of. I sure hope that doesn't happen! It would really be disastrous. But this pile of white stuff is doomed to melt, and melt soon.

In the meantime, I have made my reservations/plans for Frostbike. That will be coming up a week from today, at least for me, as I trek up to Northfield, Minnesota and hang out at Mike's Bikes again. After that I am doing the open house, and then Saturday there is some mystery plan that will probably only become clear on Saturday afternoon. But I am okay with that. Sunday I'll make a quick appearance and then get back to Iowa. Look for reports from the road starting a week from today.

About a month from now I'll be in Texas for a week and one afternoon I will get to ride a bike. Sheesh! One day to ride when I'm in a literal riding paradise! And no snow! Well, although I want to ride the whole week, I won't since I will have my family along, so that won't be happening. At least one glorious day in the sun should happen though. More on this as the date grows closer.

So, maybe I'll hit up the snowmobile trails again Saturday on the bike. It's not much, but it beats sitting around waiting for the snow to melt! Have a great weekend and I hope someone is riding a bike out there somewhere!

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