Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ergon BioKork Grips

Last weekend at Frostbike in Bloomington, Minnesota, I was visiting with my friend and former co-worker, Jeff Kerkove who gave me these new Ergon Bio-Kork grips to try out. This is all from Ergon's "GreenLab" project, which seeks to be more enviromentally sensitive. Check out the features of this grip to see what I mean, (from Ergon's webpage for the BioKork grip).

The new BioKork version of the GP1 provides ultimate ergonomics for the hand just as the rest of Ergon’s Performance Comfort series do, however the unique qualities of cork means that it is now anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Cork’s natural damping qualities also make it an ideal grip material, and its now density mean the resulting grip is a lot lighter. The GP1 BioKork uses 40% cork, sourced from sustainable forests in Portugal which is certified for its ecologically sound production. This ecological theme is continued throughout the rest of the grip. The inner core is plastic reinforced using natural fibre, which make up 40% of its mass. In place of mineral oil, the gel in the palm section of the grip is vegetable oil based. The clamp can also be 100% recycled. It is all a result of Ergon’s “GreenLab” project.
The "GreenLab" project also extends to the packaging for all of the Ergon grip line starting in 2010. Everything about the packaging is from recycled products and can be recycled. So no more funky plastic sleeves and what not to deal with. To be fair, all of the previous packaging could be recycled, but now the process is more convenient for the end user. From Ergon's packaging page on their web site:
Although these (The former packaging materials) could all be recycled, sorting them to do so was time consuming. By contrast, the new packaging uses only paper, making up its four components. Recycling is therefore extremely easy.

Back to the BioKork: The "green" theme continues with the inner hard sleeve (as mentioned above) and even the end caps being made from 40% Blowert grass fibers. You can even see it in the end caps.

Although the materials have been changed, the packaging changed, one thing remains the same- That is how the Ergon grip fits the hand. Perfectly comfortable, just like my other GP1 grips are. This is my favorite grip from Ergon, and I will be putting this through its paces through the coming months to see if it holds up to everyday use and especially for mountain biking. I have these mounted to my Gun Kote covered Salsa El Mariachi single speed right now. So, stay tuned for further updates.

Note: These grips were provided at no cost to me for evaluation on this site. I am not being paid or co-erced to give a positive review and I will strive to give my honest opinions throughout the review process.


Captain Bob said...

those look gooooood!

jkeiffer said...

I think they look great too. But what do they weigh? They have to be lighter right? Please!

Guitar Ted said...

@jkeiffer: I want to say the pair I have weigh in at 840 grams for the pair, but I am not near my data on those, since I am at work. I'll try to confirm that later.

Guitar Ted said...

@jkeifer: Haha! I must have been thinking about tires when I commented on the weight! I was waaaaay off!

More like 180 grams. Sheesh! I wasn't even close!

I checked my weight on those when I got home on the sheet of paper I was keeping info on for this review. (Yes- I still use paper!)

Sorry if my previous comment put you or anyone else off these. They are not anywhere near that heavy.

Jeff Kerkove said...

Same weight...maybe a tiny bit heavier than the original GP1 grip

MG said...

those are dope...

Randy Harris said...


Did you ever have a chance to try out the BioKork Grips?

I am interested in them, curious how you felt they compared to regular GP1's and how they held up, is the cork durable?


Guitar Ted said...

@Randy Harris: Hey, those Bio-Kork grips are doing great. If anything, they are ever so slightly firmer than a regular Ergon. So far, no issues at all. I'll have to do an update post on them soon. Thanks for your comment!