Thursday, February 11, 2010

If'n Ya Cain't Beat 'Em- Join 'Em!

So, it goes without saying that this is one of the, if not the worst winters in 30 years. Well, "worst" if you like to ride bikes outdoors and you don't really care for snow.

I guess that my take is if it has to be cold, let's have a bunch of snow to play in. Okay, we can check that off. We have lots of snow to play in!

But in a similar way to the winter of 2000-2001, we have snow and it really hasn't ever melted away. The ground has peeked out here and there at times, but for the most part we have had consistent and constant snow cover since the second week of December.

It's getting to wear a bit thin now that it is coming on to mid-February!

So, I could grouse about it, but you know what? It wouldn't melt the snow, and it would still be cold. That attitude isn't going to help.

So I chose to do something to work with what I have to work with.

I went skiing.

XC skiing is a total body workout too. Well, if you know how to do the "XC ski dance". It's a technique that isn't too hard to learn, but I find it to be a lot more taxing than riding a bike.

In fact, if I want to find out how much my conditioning sucks, I go XC skiing. Boy! It doesn't take long to find out my stamina needs to get off life support and get into shape!

The other thing I think is odd is that the place I go to ski hardly gets used. Not that it bothers me at all. I got fresh powder and made first tracks, which was satisfying to me. The thing is, everybody and their brother goes to Geo Wyth, but no one seems to remember that the Green Belt has as much, if not more, trail distance that can be skied on, and it is far less traveled. I mean, you can really be alone out there like I was today, if that appeals to you.

I would think that more folks would be in to that. Oh well! No worries here! I had a great time and got outside. It was beautiful, and I learned that winter can be pretty decent to get along with, if you are willing to quit fighting with it.

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