Friday, February 19, 2010

Trans Iowa V6: Thoughts Part XIV

More Sponsor Love: First up we have some new sponsors of T.I.V6 to share.

I was thinking back to when certain past riders were feeling badly about loosing certain items when they rattled off their bikes in Trans Iowas gone by. I thought, what if they had a strap- a strap that was more than awesome- a Simple Strap!

So when ByeKyle got ahold of me recently and asked to partner with me to sponsor Trans Iowa racers with his Simple Strap, how could I refuse? I mean, at least I won't feel like I stood by and did nothing to prevent you- the Trans Iowa racer- from loosing something special off your bike while you are out there riding the route.

By the way, the Simple Straps you will be getting will be a Safety Orange one. (Other colors shown in the image to the left.)

I know- it is not normal for an event promoter to help sponsor his/her own event, but I ain't normal. Just ask anybody that knows me!

You will get your Simple Strap in your race packet at the Pre-Race Meat-Up, so don't miss that. (Or you won't be racing!)

Next up I was contacted by T.I.V5 vet, A-Lo from Velocity U.S.A. They know you need something to hold your water bottles with. So they are going to put a Bottle Trap into each racer bag for you to pick up, (once again), at the mandatory Pre-Race Meat-Up.

I've actually used these cages and they grip your bottle with authority! I highly doubt you will lose a bottle on a rough gravel road using one of these composite/plastic cages. (They remind me a bit of Cat-Eye cages, if you are familiar at all with those)

So, please make sure to check these sponsors out and thank them if at all possible.

In Other Goings On: I should be meeting soon with Oakley Super-rep, Rob V about the plans for his Gravel Grinder, (Official name to be determined), and some other sponsor-like stuff in terms of prizing. Activity schedules and logistics for the "Oakley O-Down At The Barn" will be hopefully nailed down. (Beer Sponsor??)

The City Of Grinnell will hopefully bless our start and roll out soon. A letter from the Chamber Of Commerce went out on Trans Iowa's behalf today letting them know what our plan was. That should wrap up any details necessary for T.I.V6 to roll off on April 24th.

Now we just need to get rid of this stinkin' snow!

Note: You got the Trans Iowa Thoughts post a day early since tonight and tomorrow and into Sunday I'll be in Minneapolis for Frostbike. Look for a special report on the show next week. Until then, do whatever you can outside in the snow, or ride your trainers, or something! Have a great weekend and I'll be back Monday with a new post.

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