Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's This "Dirt" You Speak Of?

Yeah.......more snow riding. Yay me! I'm getting to the point now where it is like, "Hmmm.......I bet I could ride through there if I walked through with my snowshoes a time or three."


Maybe. Getting old? Definitely.

So here are a few observations from my outdoor exploits yesterday.............

Those Ardent 2.4"ers are plumping up! Like a Dubuque HotDog, they are pretty swollen from their original size. I'd guess they are actually approaching the 2.4 inch status. Amazingly enough! The best part is the ride though. I have them set up tubeless and they are really rolling nice and smoothly! Very supple and the traction seems decent, so far. I mean, it is only snow and ice, afterall!

The Dillinger Gen III frame is riding just great as well. The frame swallows the fat Ardent with about three millimeters to spare. One thought kept leaping into my mind as I rode through the snowy cemetery roads at warp speed, and that was "stable". I could get all squirrely in the ice and still keep it upright. Cool! The frame squirts forward with instant acceleration too. Nice and responsive. The fat tires masked anything I might be able to feel from the frame as far as ride quality goes though. I'll have to put the XC set up under it later and figure out that part.

Finally, the Velocity P-35 rims/hubs are performing really well too. I'll tell you what- if there was any flex in that rear wheel the tire would hit the frame. Nothing of the sort has happened yet. I will have to touch up the front wheel though. It seems to sit in the Reba Team fork off center a hair. I'll re-check the dish here soon.

Then after all of that I went snow shoeing. Man! That works the legs, that's for sure. It was good and I tramped all over the Green Belt. It's funny to find boot tracks crossing the woods out there in the middle of nowhere! You know that post holing they are doing is really giving them a workout!

So, any idea when this "dirt" thing will show its face again round these parts? I've forgotten what it looks like!

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