Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trans Iowa V7: Recon Mission

Trans Iowa V7 is an unprecedented event in our minds already. Why? Because we have already done so much work on the course. Normally I have some images saved on recon on my hard drive, and then another recon photo set from another month weeks or months later. This month alone I have three sets. That should tell you something....

Yeah, we've been on the ball, but we've also had some stellar weather that has helped us out. Without that, maybe we are not as far along with things. But- we are.

In fact, it is a distinct possibility that recon could be completed before Registration is. For us, that is radical. For folks getting in on this event, it will be a game changer in terms of strategy, and training. You'll know months ahead of time just how far the checkpoints are, and what the time limits are. I would assume that by December, recon and timing could all be completely done and get this...............cue sheets could be printed!!

Not that having cue sheets done will help you along, because at Trans Iowa you have to earn the cues, and that entails riding the course. But for us, that would be huge. In fact, it might be too early to do cue sheets, and we may wait, due to the unknown of what this winter and early spring may do to our planned course.

At any rate, we're out there on some crazy gravel road and working on this event for you that will ride it. Look for a report Monday.......

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