Friday, October 08, 2010

Night Recon Mission: Trans Iowa V7

A little secret night time gravel action was on tap for Thursday evening. Trans Iowa bit by bit. d.p. and I are doing a bang up job riding the course on bicycles this go round.

And that makes me smile!

The night time gig has been really enjoyable. Ever since we started doing this last spring, I have looked forward to the night grinding of the gravel with d.p. It is an adventure every time. Too bad we had that summer lull in there when we didn't get together, but its back on now, and we're making great progress on the course for T.I.V7. To say we are excited is an understatement.

The night was actually a perfect one to ride on. It was a new moon, so it was about as dark as it gets, and the skies were perfectly clear. Wow! When we turned off our lights to have a wee nip of a cordial I was packing, we saw the most amazing starry sky. The Milky Way was visible above our heads, stretching across the sky from one horizon to another. The Big Dipper was skirting the Northern fringes of the sky, and we stood in awe of the starry vault.

Like d.p. said, more folks aught to be doing just as we were. Really awe inspiring stuff.

Get out this weekend and make yer own memories and adventures! 


mw said...

night rides are fun

Small Adventures said...

Sounds like an uber-kool ride =D


Cornbread said...

Great post. Makes me yearn for some starry gravel. I second MW's comment!

Glad to hear you and d.p. are riding the route. That makes me smile too.

Al Joy said...

night ride is so creepy!