Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday News And Views

Chilly Willy: The past few days have been rather cold, and I am not acclimated yet. Funny thing about us Mid-westerners- We freeze at the slightest hint of the 40's in Fall and are scrambling to find our winter cycling gear. In Spring, when the 40's hit, we are breaking out the bibs and jerseys, with maybe a pair of arm warmers till the sun comes out.'s like that!

Then there is the wind, which was just plain brutal all across the nation this week. I'd say we've had enough of that for a long, long time.

So I've Been Told.... If you've been following along closely here, you know that I am getting a Salsa Cycles Mukluk. I've been told that I am going to really like it. You know what? I probably will. But I've also been told that I'll like it when it is Spring, Summer, and Fall. Well, maybe I will. I have also been told other things. Things like, "you're crazy", and the like. Uh-huh. Yeah, tell me something we all don't already know, right?

This is the bike that is going to get the wheels I blogged about here. I've been told I'll really like these wheels too. Right again, most likely. I figure the whole kit and kaboodle could be used as a seasonal acclimatization machine. I can get used to the cold and snow, and in the warmer spring months I can ride it on mushy trail and slop, whilst I get used to the warming rays of the sun again. I even figured it might come in handy as a B Road Inspection machine for Trans Iowa.

That and I could run over small furry animals and compact cars!

My Recon Mission- If I Choose To Accept It: And I will, make no mistake! Tomorrow at "dark-thirty", I will arise and travel to an undisclosed location in rural Iowa to scout some more Trans Iowa V7 roads with my co-director, d.p. This will start to close up the loop and afterward we will only have a few short stretches of road that we will need to look at to verify that they are 100% Trans Iowa grade "A" gravel. Only the best grade "A" gravel is used in "Old No. 7 Trans Iowa" Brand, and you can be sure that our unique blend of gravel, dirt, and a hint of pavement will be an intoxicating brew of the finest degree.

Look for a recon report Monday.

Have a great weekend and get outside and ride!


Unknown said...

It's going to be a good winter sir.

Small Adventures said...

It ain't just you folks out in the MW what grabs for cold weather gear when it hits's 42 out now here,and I built a fire in the stove,LOL!

Have a great weekend day-dreaming of fat tires n spicy-food (Salsa,LOL). =)


Steve Fuller said...

Grade A or Level B??