Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hoopty Ride

Black with a chrome front "bumper"!

I was pretty suspicious of being able to accept these white wall tires as being something I would remotely like, but I have to say, they do kind of grow on me.

They kind of have a "classic car", "rat-rod" sort of appeal. With the Goat Horns on the Blackbuck, it all works pretty well, I think.  It also is reminiscent of the old mtb look. Too bad Duro.....I mean Origin 8 didn't spec a skinwall look, because I would have stuck on some Sun Tour Power Shifters and an old XC Mountain derailluer for that "period" look! I still think someone should do a 29"er tire in a skin wall. Why not? I kind of miss that look myself. It really set off the black anodized rims, which at that time were fairly new to the scene.

Oh well, these white walls will have to do for now. (Now where did I store that Airlift kit? Hmm.........)


grannygear said...

OOOOOooooo!!! Likin' it. Do they make Baby Moon hubs for bikes?

Courtney said...

It needs some chrome fenders

Jerry said...

those tires give the bike a nice cruiser look. I've got some old suntour xc pro parts laying around if you want to go old school.

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Kinda kool looking,GT! Reminds me of when I slapped some whitewall cruiser tires on my ol Monocog when I just used it for with a touch of red and whitewalls,haha! =)


Rich said...

Is that fork one I added bottle mounts on???


Guitar Ted said...

@Rich: Yes! And it works really well. Thanks for a job well done!