Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stringing Together Pearls

I know, I gets cliche', it's said all the time, but this weather, ya'all! I was out riding on Wednesday and couldn't help but wonder if this was the best Fall of my life, in terms of weather, bicycle riding, and just plain enjoying life.

So, anyway, the other side of all this is "When is it going to end?" I suppose it may seem like time is slowing to a crawl and that Fall will last all winter long, but don't bet on that! The days have been fantastic for so long, strung together like pearls on a strand, that it just stands to reason that pretty soon, we will reach the end of it. "Craptastic" weather is coming, and sooner than later! (In fact I'm hearing that could be Saturday night. More on this later!)

I actually rode twice on Wednesday. Once to give the Raleigh XXIX on test at Twenty Nine Inches a shakedown cruise to make sure that "The Belt" would behave itself. It did.

Now the next step will be to take it where there is some serious climbing. Then we'll go from there. So far, so good.

The other ride was on the Origin 8 Scout 29 in Geo Wyth. I found a trail I hadn't been on over by Alice Wyth that was a hoot! Swoopy, flowy, and fast. It really played to the strengths of the snappy Scout. I had some big grin action going on, that's for sure! But that wasn't all. The middle of the day, in between these two rides, there was a lot going on.

I had some sponsorship action going down for Trans Iowa V7 to deal with. Clif Bar is on board, and I have one other nutritional sponsor in the wings, but I can not say anything at this time. It will be good, and the pre-race sacks will be good this year, even without anything else.

Plus, I had other Trans Iowa related news. I learned that I was being asked to do a feature length write up for a well know print mag on the event, the history of the event, and more. I can't talk anymore about that, but next summer, if all goes as planned, it will hit the news stands and we can talk then. Anyway, I'm excited about the opportunity.

Speaking of T.I.V7, I'll have another update next week. This weekend I am doing a "nonsense" event near Iowa City. Saturday night, when it is supposed to rain. Epic. So, the T.I.V7 update will have to wait.


Reflector Collector said...

That's awesome news that Clif came through with some sponsorship!

mw said...

i count about three weeks of outstanding weather here. and been getting out for nite rides alot.