Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Trans Iowa V7: Registration Explained

There has been a few e-mails of late regarding registration and I sense that there are some questions out there. So, in an effort to lessen the anxiety levels, I am going to spell out a few things for those who are interested in Trans Iowa V7.

What is going on right now: Again, we are honoring past finishers of Trans Iowa by letting them in first. There have been only 48 finishers ever. 48. Okay, let's say all of the finishers take their free entry into Trans Iowa. That leaves 52 entries. (48 + 52 = 100)

Okay, "if" that happens, (highly unlikely, but for the sake of example, we will use all the past finishers in this example), the remaining 52 would be divided equally between Veterans and Rookies. (26 spots for Rookies, 26 spots for Veterans)

What Would Happen Next?: The Registration for Finishers closes November 1st. Nothing happens with Rookies or Veterans until we release the date for Registration and that will likely be mid-November sometime. When that date arrives- and not a second before- we will accept registration by post card only at an address to be released when we make the announcement of the date. How your post card arrives is up to you. Hand delivery, courier, Fed-Ex, UPS Overnight, by carrier pigeon, your second cousin Barney drops it off, whatever. The thing is, it will have to get to the address we specify, on or after the date we specify, until we fill the roster. (Likely in a few days maximum. Probably the first day registration opens.)

What Needs To Be On That Postcard?: Probably your name, cell phone number you'll be using for the event, an e-mail address that actually works, (you'd be surprised!), and an answer to a specific question. I dunno though, if I were you, I'd wait to read The Announcement when it is made to make sure. Just sayin....

Notice: I will not accept post cards before the date we specify. I will throw out post cards I can not read. I will put people on the roster in the order I receive cards. If the mailman shuffles the stack right, you're in. If not, you go to the Waiting List. If your e-mail fails, I will take you off the roster. If you don't provide a cell phone number to enter this event, (one that I can actually call you on during the event), don't bother sending your card in. If you answer the "specific question" incorrectly, (you got it), I will throw out your entry.

d.p. and I are the judge, jury, and Ultimate Dictators. Our decisions are final, irrevocable, and binding. (It is an event we pay for out of pocket, so we get what we want.)

The Waiting List: This is where the names from correctly filled out post cards will go when the roster fills up. When someone lets us know they are not coming between the dates of the close of Registration and January 31st, 2011, we will rotate in a person off the Waiting List. Last year six folks got in this way. So, if you find yourself 25th on the Waiting List, may as well figure you won't be coming to T.I.V7. Sorry, but that's the way it is. we'll be stretching ourselves by allowing up to 100 folks in the first place.

After January 31st, when folks drop out, we will not replace them. We have our reasons.........

Okay, that in a nutshell is what is happening, how it will happen, and why it will happen. If you must have something clarified further, want to make an appeal, or have an idea you want to proffer, go ahead and hit the e-mail option at the upper right of this blog and lemme have it! 

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