Saturday, October 09, 2010

Trans Iowa V7: Update #1

<===Secret Recon Missions Continue.

Here's an update on Trans Iowa V7 happenings. Today we'll be focusing on the course recon so far and more on Registration.

Course Recon: So far we have nearly one half of next year's course reconned and most of that by bicycle. I feel pretty confident in saying that this one will not only be challenging, but different in several ways. We will be doing a few tweaks to how the course is broken up in reference to Checkpoints and the Checkpoints themselves will be unusual.

d.p. and I have decided upon a few details that will affect the logistics of the event, but until we have some hard numbers to share, we'll hold off on releasing that info for now. Suffice it to say that things will resemble the older versions a bit more than the more recent ones. The course itself is a great mix of killer, one-after-another hills interspersed with some unique experiences we have in store, and the "mind-numblingly flat" sections as well.

Registration: So far we have about 14 finishers on board for next years event and 21 days until Phase 1 of registration closes up. I suspect we'll have a few more sign on towards the end, but again, I'll be surprised if anything close to the 48 total finishers signs on. Remember- We'll be dividing the remainder of the spots for the Veterans and Rookies.

So, just what is a "Veteran" and a "Rookie"? Well, the people that have actually toed the line at a Trans Iowa, but have not recorded a finish are the Veterans. The folks that have never been to a Trans Iowa are the Rookies. These two groups will have to send in a post card with some specific information no sooner than November 15th to a specific address which will be announced later. The roster spots are filled in a "first come-first filled" fashion. If you rely on the U.S. Postal service, and send in a post card, the mailman will have those stacked in a pile when he drops them off to me. I will then peel off the top card, and that will be the first on the roster, the second in the pile-second, and so on. Totally random and fair as I can make it. Now, you don't have to use the U.S.P.S., and using Fed-Ex, or other overnight services is fair game. It is also fair game to hand deliver a post card, or have it dropped off by a courier, or other means. (I have gotten cards with a pizza delivery in the past, as an example.) Creativity will get you no-where, but timely delivery is everything! Why? Because I suspect that Registration will be over within two to three days max, and maybe in one day, if last year was any indication.

Volunteers: Sharp eyes will note that some Volunteers have spots on the roster. They will not be counted against the total of 100. These folks are being afforded the opportunity of using a guaranteed entry to T.I.V7 for volunteering last spring. Note that any volunteers for T.I.V7 can get in on the same deal for a possible, future edition of Trans Iowa.

Calling All Women Endurance Freaks! Want to make a special note for yourself in ultra-endurance racing? Note that no woman has ever finished a Trans Iowa.  You could be the first! We'd really like to see a larger number of Open Woman's contestants in T.I.V7, so jump on this opportunity to make a bit of history.

Look for more Trans Iowa V7 Updates periodically throughout the winter.


christine said...

Did you get any women's entry's for 2011?

Guitar Ted said...

@christine: Check out the roster here:

You will find your answer there. ;>)