Monday, February 27, 2012

Moving Ahead

Well, with the disappointment in missing CIRREM I figured I had better get busy and make the most of the extra time on my hands. But before we get to that, here is something I wanted to show...

I would have rather shown this covered in the grit from CIRREM roads, but here is the Orange Crush with my 42mm IRC tires and Planet Bike fenders that I stuck on it for the mucky-muck that was predicted.

I did initially try the fenders with the Bontrager XR-1's, but besides not being wide enough, there really wasn't any room to fit them anyway. So, I knew the IRC tires would motor me through the muck, and they have much better tread for that sort of thing anyway. They feature some side lugs that remind me of tractor lugs. They also have a pretty stiff casing. I rode the bike briefly on Sunday with 40psi in the tires, and it looked and felt like I had 55psi in there.

I used these tires when the bike was a single speed last year, so they do well on gravel too. I may leave them on there until something better, (Clement MSO), comes along. The fenders will stay for now as well. I figure it can't hurt anything and I went to all the trouble of putting them on there after all. If I like them, I may opt for some fancy-schmancy aluminum ones, or something.

I need to get a few more rides on the Retroshift set up before I render my final verdict on these. I have learned a trick or two in how to shift them, and I also have found that the shifters allow for unique hand placements on the hoods/levers. The cables don't get in the way at all, by the way. I know some folks were wondering about that.

I did think that if you run a handle bar bag, these shifters might work better. Maybe not for a huge touring bar bag, but smaller bags or rolls should fit just right even with the cables where they are. On a down tube cabled bike, it would even be better.

I spent a big chunk of time dialing in this new Titus Rockstar. It's the second generation of this frame, which I was mentioning Friday. Well, I got to tinkering with the wheels and setting them up tubeless.

I went with the "MG" formula, which is just really a notch above anything else out there. It and the fit of the Rubena Scylla tires on the Crank Brothers rims seems to be all a match made in heaven, because I think it ranks right up there with one of the easiest non-Bontrager set ups I've done.

The bike is billed as an XC/Trail bike. It seems a lot like the Specialized Epic Marathon I rode for a bit. It weighs a touch less, feels similar out of the box, and has similar angles. Biggest difference is in bottom bracket height. Makes me want a dropper post. In fact, this bike really calls out for one, in my mind.

Next up for the tubeless conversion? By-Tor the Titanium Mukluk. Yup. Gotta do it because I'm taking it to Texas soon. That and a set of wheels I just built up, and re-charging some older wheels. Yeah. It must be Spring time or something!

Time to move ahead and get ready to roll.


mw said...

big tires in the rocky desert? gotta hear how that goes.

Guitar Ted said...

@mw: Actually, I found out from a guy in Las Cruces NM that he feels they are an advantage. He rides them all the time. We'll see.

MG said...

Thanks for the shout out buddy... Glad the solution is rockin' for ya'.

Sorry you didn't make it over to the CIRREM, but you made a good call. Safety first. And you had a productive weekend anyway! Perfect...

Cheers bro,

MG said...

... BTW, that Rockstar looks sweet!

jkeiffer said...

What's the MG formula? Have you mentioned it before?

Guitar Ted said...

@MG: Thanks Bro! Hope your day is a stellar one.

Unknown said...

Really like your cable routing for Retroshift. Looking forward to your thoughts!

The Goats

onewhorides said...

Will the retroshift work with disc brakes.

Guitar Ted said...

@onewhorides: Currently Retroshift does not have a long pull lever out.....yet. They do plan on doing that in the future.

That said, a Problem Solvers widget that they sell can be used to increase cable pull, or you can use road specific BB-7's. The converter boxes to hydraulic use standard pull levers, so these would work with those.