Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lab Work

Spent most of today swapping out wheels and tubeless tires. The testing must go on, and with Mrs. Guitar Ted out to a graduation open house, (tis the season), I used my home time to get 'er duuun!

Not sure about white rims, but....
So let's see now- I pulled the Rubena Kratos tires off the Sawyer and swapped them over to the Breezer. The WTB Bronson folders on the Breezer went on the old Sun-Ringle' Charger Pro wheel set I had sitting there, since the Sun-Ringle' Black Flag wheels the Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29"er had on it were mounted with Geax AKA TNT tires, and they weren't gonna come off. Instead, I refreshed the sealant in them, and then left them alone for now. Finally, the Sawyer got a Geax AKA folder out back with a Bontrager 29-4 Gen I tire up front.

Did ya catch all of that?

Then I had to ride test all three bikes to make sure that the sealant was distributed evenly and that the tires weren't going to blow off on me. Oh yeah, and I mixed my own sealant for all of these tires. (Thanks MG!)

With all the rain on Friday and overnight to Saturday, the off road trails will be a bit too mucky for good test riding. But, hopefully I get in a big gravel ride. I have a bit of a score to settle, and if I am successful, it will be something I have been waiting to "check off my list" for several years now.

Hopefully tomorrow will be out of The Lab, and into the Frying Pan.

Stay tuned.....

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james said...

Hey GT,
Could you share your secret recipe for tubless sealant? The world wants to know.