Sunday, April 06, 2014

Trans Iowa V10: The Barn

The barn at the finish line: Image by W. Kilburg
For T.I.V6, we had a refurbished barn offered to us as the finish line for Trans Iowa. At that time, David and I thought that it would be a perfect end to a rural race. However; the storms unleashed their fury, and we had to  truncate the event long before it ever reached the old, rustic place at the end of a B Maintenance road.

The following year, it turned out Trans Iowa ended on Easter weekend, so the family that owned the barn could not allow us to use it, as they weren't going to be there. Trans Iowa V8 ended at the same place V7 did, but I cannot remember why it turned out that way. At any rate, last year the idea was brought to the fore again, and it actually worked out. The folks that did come and hang out had an excellent time and so the plan was made to get it going again for this year.

Essentially, here's the scoop- anytime after 5pm Saturday evening you can go to the barn, hang out, camp if you want to, (primitive- no water/toilets, although some are available within a half mile), drink, eat, chit-chat, or what have you. You can stay all night, or not. Sunday morning, you'll definitely want to hang out there as the riders will, (hopefully), be rolling in. Directions to the barn from Grinnell are:

From Highway 146 South by the motels- Find 410th Avenue and take it West, (there is a Super 8 on the Southwest corner of that intersection) In two miles the road turns into Jacob Avenue @ E 156th St. Keep going straight. In approximately one mile, there is a left hand turn near the bottom of a hill near a white farm house. It is  E 150th St N and is marked as a B Road. The Bran is up this road on the left side approximately a quarter mile up the road. If it is wet, PLEASE DO NOT TURN UP THIS ROAD!!! We don't want you tearing up this dirt road, and we cannot be responsible if you get stuck. Rather, we will ask that you continue straight up the hill and park at the large graveled lot just around the corner. Then you can walk back to the barn. Any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Hope to have some folks hanging out there.

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