Thursday, April 24, 2014

Trans Iowa V10: Pre-Race Review

How wet will it get?
Last night I finished off doing the cue sheets, a big hurdle that has been jumped, and now it is all downhill to Trans Iowa V10 and the start at 4:00am in Grinnell, Iowa.

Here's a few tidbits in review that as a rider or casual observer you won't want to forget. In no particular order.....

The Barn: There is a barn located three miles west of Grinnell on Jacob Ave where we will be having the finish line. Starting Saturday evening, you can come out, hang out, camp out, grill out, and generally hob-nob with other support folks and Trans Iowa fans if you want to. I already am aware of at least a handful of individuals that will be hanging around out there, so please do check it out. If you have a car to park, please do so at the Nature Area just past the barn to the West where the road makes a 90° turn South up on a hill. There are restrooms there and plenty of parking on a gravel lot. If anyone can finish Trans Iowa this year I expect that won't happen until shortly after sunrise on Sunday.

Pre-Race Meat-Up: If you are riding in Trans Iowa v10, be on time for rider check in which MUST BE DONE BY 6pm SHARP at the GRINNELL STEAKHOUSE!! You can start filing in to eat by 4pm, and I highly suggest that the earlier you get there the better. Anyone in the area that wants to stop in to eat with us is certainly welcome to come and meet the racers.

The Start: In front of Bikes To You at 921 Broad Street at 4:00AM. Riders should show up by 3:30am and we will be lining you up at 3:50am for the roll out. Spectators are welcome.

Getting ready to start a Trans Iowa- Image by GNAT
 Trans Iowa Radio: Trans Iowa is not a spectator sport and people are discouraged to be out looking for riders, as this is seen as breaking the rules of "no support/self support" the event is based upon. To get a read on what is going down, we have worked out a deal again with Mountain Bike Radio to air rider call-ins and my updates on their Trans Iowa Radio Page. Riders are encouraged to use the phone number provided on that page to call in during the event and give brief updates. I will also be giving my viewpoint on the goings on as I cruise the course over the 34 hours of the event. Stay tuned for a new update later today on the Pre-event outlook.

Imagery: Of course, the images of Trans Iowa are always a very popular thing, and with the weather being what it looks to be for this one, the images should really be fantastic. Our event photographer, Wally Kilburg is researching and testing ideas to grab some great stuff out there this weekend. Look for some tasty shots from him later after the event. However; if you just can't wait that long, I will be posting some cheesy shots from my amateur viewpoint on Facebook and on Twitter. Just search the hashtag "TIV10" for my updates on social media.

Okay, that's a wrap from me on Trans Iowa stuff for now. This weekend expect to see some Trans Iowa images and a couple of audio prompts to go to the Trans Iowa Radio Page. I'll have my News And Views up for tomorrow, which will be heavily Trans Iowa flavored, as you can imagine.

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