Saturday, April 12, 2014

Trans Iowa V10: Two Weeks Till Go Time!

I've been practicing!
Well, things are spiraling into a tight vortex as time comes for another running of Trans Iowa. Products are rolling in for the raffle and race bags, announcements are being made, and Trans Iowa Radio is going to happen again. But first......

Today I am out with my two course checkers verifying the course. After that is done, I will begin to print cue sheets. IF YOU CAN NOT MAKE IT TO T.I.V10- PLEASE SAY SO NOW!!!  E-mail me, or heck- leave a note in the comments. I get notified either way and that way I won't spend time and money printing you a set of cue sheets, or stuffing a race packet. THANKS!

With that out of the way, here is a short listing of all the latest announcements and noteworthy items.
  • Prizing: I have been sent several things already, and more is on the way. We've already got Shimano PRO tools and pumps, a few sets of Michelin tires and tubes, Limited Edition Trans Iowa V10 shirts, Limited Edition Trans Iowa caps, bar tape, top tube bags, and a helmet. More is on the way for the raffle and Hammer Nutrition products for the race bags as well. There is also the exclusive first WTB Nano 40 tires to hit the shores on the way here. HED Wheels sent a set of Ardennes + wheels for the last person to make Checkpoint #2 on time. Ergon has promised some of their seat posts. This edition of T.I. will be schwagariffic!
  • The Barn: We will be utilizing the restored barn again as Trans Iowa's finish line and hangout spot for Saturday night/Sunday morning. See the details HERE
  • Breakfast At The Comfort Inn & Suites:  The Comfort Inn & Suites will be offering the riders staying there a Continental Breakfast starting at 2am Saturday the 26th, which is the morning of the race. Be sure to thank them for providing this service. 
  • Race Numbers & Cue Sheet Details:   Dig it! Read it! Understand it! HERE
  •  Trans Iowa Timeline of Events: Read it all HERE
Tomorrow look for a course report. Stay tuned!

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