Saturday, April 05, 2014

Trans Iowa V10: Crunch Time

Some of the Trans Iowa riders "might" see this hill!
Three week until the horn blows at 4am and Trans Iowa V10 will be happening! This is the time of the year that things start getting crazy for me. In a week I have the final course check with Wally & George. The cues will be verified and any last minute re-routes due to roads being out, bridges out, or what have you should be determined by then. Then it moves into production mode.

What is that? Production Mode is where I finalize cue sheets if changes have to be made, recheck them once more for accuracy, then buy the printing paper and I print them. After the sheets are printed I cut them and collate them into sets which are then put into sandwich baggies for distribution. While that process is going on, I am going to be busy arranging for the delivery of prizing, sorting that out, and getting the Hammer Nutrition products in order to stuff race bags.

Ahhhhh! Stuffing race bags! The activity I always associate with a Trans Iowa's nearness. This year the bag stuffing assembly line will be much different. There will be specific sized t-shirts, race numbers, pins, hats, nutritional products, and stickers going into each bag. Oh yeah......and cue sheets! (Only the first set!)

All this to say that if you know, (or even think), that you may not make it to Trans Iowa this year, it isn't too late to let me know that! In fact, right up before the event is still a good time, because I likely won't stuff race bags until the week of the event. So, please do me a big favor if you are not going to show up and let me know now, okay? Thanks!

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