Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trans Iowa V10: Prizing and Cue Sheets

Prizing for T.I.V10 from Wheel Werks (Image courtesy of J. Barre)
Of course, as always, there is going to be prizing for Trans Iowa V10. Most of it will be going in the raffle at the Pre-Race Meat-Up which all riders must attend and be checked in for by 6:00pm Friday. (You will be checking in, right? Because if you don't, you will not only miss the meeting and the chance to get prizing, but you will not ride in T.I.V10. )

Anyway, here's the heads up on the prizing and the meeting. We really need to get the meeting started early, so get to the Steakhouse right at 4pm or shortly after to get checked in if you are eating. See.......we have a metric ton of prizes to raffle off, and it's gonna take time to do it! Raffle items from Wheel Werks,, Michelin, Shimano, Hammer Nutrition, and more will be up for grabs. Plus everyone riding in T.I.V10 will get a commemorative hat and t-shirt.

Prizing for placing or competing in Trans Iowa V10 will include Ergon SM3 saddles, Oakley goods, WTB Nano 40 tires, a Surly frameset for the "Most Gritty Ride" from the Slender Fungus, and a set of HED Ardennes+ wheels to the last rider on time to Checkpoint #2.

Okay, that has to make T.I.V10 the version with the biggest pile-o-schwag of any of the ten so far. Amazing! Thank you to all of our awesome sponsors!

Taking care of bidness! (Image by S. Fuller)
Now for a word or two about the cue sheets. First of all- A Heads Up To All Riders: The cues are in some zip-locs this year that were donated to the cause. These fit the cue cards very snugly. If you are using your own system, and not the baggie the cues come in, disregard this, but please dispose of the zip-loc correctly! Don't be a litter bug, okay! Otherwise, if you were planning on using the baggy the cues come in, just know that you will have to bend the cards in a "U" shape to get them out. It's a tight fit! I have stuffed them all in, so it can be done! 

There are 4 cue cards to get to Checkpoint #1, six cue cards to get to Checkpoint #2, and eight cue cards to get to the Finish. 

Finally- Cue Sheets Are For Riders Only!! There will be no "extra cue sheet sets available. None. I will make sure of that. Don't even ask me for any. Captains at the checkpoints will be instructed to keep a very close eye on cue sheets, and any not claimed at checkpoints will be sealed and given to me at a later time.

Look- I get it: You want to check in on your racers, check out the scene, yada-yada...... You promise not to get in the way, or to support anyone. Ummmm.......the answer is still NO!! I will not allow for anyone to be directed to Checkpoint #2, nor will I even tell anyone where the course is.

Why? Because if I see anyone out on course, I will know that a rider contacted them and that will mean someone is possibly going to get DQ'ed, unless they are dropping out anyway. (Calling in your DNF to me first would be greatly appreciated) I will be cruising around more this year than ever, so keep that in mind folks. (For my take on cheating in Trans Iowa, see this post.) Seeing random cars on course that clearly are not farmers, or that have out of state plates will be a cause for me to investigate, so please- do not even try to go out there. 

There is, of course, one main exception to the rule, and that is Checkpoint #1. Of course that will be revealed at the time riders pick up their race packets. However; there will be no other revelation made. Checkpoint #1 folks will not even know where the riders are going don't pester them. Only six people know where CP#2 even is now, and I plan on keeping it that way until it happens that folks start dropping out of the event there and call in for rides, which is cool at that point.

Bottom Line: Trans Iowa is not a spectator event. Seeing folks on course that the riders may know is defined as support here, and that is not allowed. Please play by the rules folks. I have allowed for riders to be able to call into Mountain Bike Radio to post on the Trans Iowa Radio page, which is where you'll find my updates as well. Check that out here. If you have the need to know, have your rider call in intermittently, and listen to my and all the other updates. But please- stay off the roads unless you have been asked to pick your rider up.


sniffer said...

Last year a woman in Minn. Did a weather report (very detailed) is that happening this year? I keep looking for it but no luck?

Guitar Ted said...

That was 2WheelWeather. Unfortunately, the fee to have her do the forecast was not in my budget.


Unknown said...

Weather report: Nice, and then worse on Sunday.