Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Meeting And A Ride

Meet here at 10:00am: (I had to hustle!)
Something had been on my mind for quite awhile and recently I had the opportunity to act on my thoughts via "social media". A few words, a meeting place was decided upon, then a time. All was set to happen yesterday. My mission: drop off my son at school and see if I could shave off seven minutes from Google Maps claimed commute time of 1hr 37 minutes.

The day was almost perfect. Copious amounts of sunshine and warmer temperatures. There was an increasing Southwest wind, but otherwise there was no reason for me to think I couldn't pull it off and make the meeting place by 10:00am. Things were progressing along well, but as I got closer, I could tell it was going to be tight on time.

I pulled into the parking lot and looked at the clock in the truck. Right on time, but getting inside I would be maybe a minute late. Oh well.....fashionably late? No matter, Chris Skogen was there and after I got my cuppa java, we engaged in a conversation that was surprising, relaxing, and encouraging. Then we went for a bit of a ride.

There was a long climb the likes of which we don't have in our area. I think I blew out some cobwebs on that one! It wasn't a very long ride, as we both had to get back to our respective homes, so no epic stories of adventure, but it was a great way to get to know each other a little better. Bicycle rides can be like that.

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