Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trans Iowa V10: Volunteers and Supporters

Hooray! A Checkpoint!
I figured that this year I would acknowledge all the folks behind Trans Iowa now instead of waiting until after the event is over. Trans Iowa doesn't happen without volunteers, and I have had the great fortune and blessing of being supported by some awesome volunteers over the years. This year you can expect to see some more great people at the checkpoints. These folks are doing this job for you for nothing. No pay, no recognition, nuthin.

So, if you could please extend courtesy and kindness to these fine folks when you, (if you are riding in T.I.V10), see them at the checkpoints, that would be awesome of you. You should want to be awesome.

Here in no particular order are the volunteers and support folk behind Trans Iowa V10 this year:

Trans Iowa V10 Volunteer List
Dennis Grelk: T.I.v7@ CP #2 Image by W. Kilburg
Checkpoint #1

·         Eric Kemp  
·         Mike Baggio, Brian Moore, Michael Jones, Brent Irish, Arik Gum, Eric Jensen, Julia Winkels, Julie Quinn, and Emily.·         

Checkpoint #2

·         Scott Redd,  Jeremy Fry 
       These folks will be the ones checking you through and getting you new cue sheet sets at the checkpoints. Please have you number plates visible for them, as this is how we are checking through the riders this year. 

        The Barn: The Barn will have some folks hanging out that are also supporting Trans Iowa. I know Rob Versteegh, Jared Morford, and Eric Kemp will be a few of those folks, but there will likely be others as well. Again, the barn is Trans Iowa V10's finish line and Saturday evening hang out. 

       Trans Iowa Radio: Mountain Bike Radio will again be hosting the Trans Iowa Radio page with call ins from riders and reports from myself. This is all facilitated by one individual who mans the controls throughout Trans Iowa's 34 hours. His name is Ben Welnak and if you can support Mountain Bike Radio, please consider it, as he is a talented and great person to work with. 
      Official T.I.V10 Imagery: The Studio At 46 West will be in charge of taking the "official images" of Trans Iowa this year. Look for photographer Wally Kilburg and his assistant, George Keslin out on the course throughout the weekend. Stay tuned after T.I.v10 for an announcement on what will be done with images and how you might be able to get some of them for yourself.

       Grinnell Steakhouse: Thanks to Laurie and Cindy and all the employees at the Grinnell Steakhouse for graciously providing the meeting room, set up, and space for us to check in riders for Trans Iowa. The Grinnell Steakhouse has always bent over backward for us, and have been awesome to deal with all these years. Please say thanks to them when you come by for the Meat-Up.
      Miscellaneous: Rachael from the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce, Comfort Inn & Suites of Grinnell, Bikes To You (Craig Cooper), and Jeremy Fry, Wally Kilburg, and George Keslin for course recon help.


MG said...

Thanks to every one of the volunteers! See you soon!

Bradley A Lamson said...

Thanks to everyone in taking the time and energy in making TI happen. Brad, Whitefish Montana.