Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trans Iowa V11: A Look At The Rules Part 6

Last year I did a historical overview of each Trans Iowa up to T.I.V9. This year I am going to revisit something that I feel many folks have overlooked for a long time; The "Race Rules".

 Last week I covered Rule #4. This week I cover the following rule seen here.....

5: Competitors will stock up on food and other items at stores and businesses along the route. Viva la gas station burritos and Oatmeal Cream Pies! 

Okay, now we're getting into specific rules set up by Jeff for Trans Iowa. Obviously, with only one checkpoint at approximately 128 miles in, there had to be ways for riders to be "self-supported" in their efforts. We deemed that the convenience stores on the route would provide the way this would be able to happen. This is why this rule exists. Obviously, we left the option open to get grub or drink from "other businesses". This was in part because in one city we passed through in particular there wasn't a traditional convenience store, but a gas station, and if I recall correctly, one other place had a grocery store right on the route as well.

Convenience stores are still the main source of staple items which provides sustenance for the riders of any Trans Iowa. The thing is, they don't stay open for 24 hours in most places anymore, which really puts a bind on things at times. This was the case in T.I.V8, where the area was so rural, and the timing of things happened just so that I decided to provide the "Secret Checkpoint" that year. There just wasn't a good convenience store opportunity. Fortunately, I haven't had to repeat that again.

Finally, we see Jeff's sense of humor arise here. It was something he interjected not only in these rules, but in his daily dealings with me at the shop. This is a great little window into how his mind worked back then. By the way, the Oatmeal Cream Pie reference was from when Jeff would be bonking out and sleepy at a solo 24hr event. He often would say that an Oatmeal cream Pie was the only way he could revive himself to be able to finish. That and Red Bull! I'm not entirely sure this was real, because I never witnessed him doing that, but maybe he did. I can say I am almost positive he never ate a gas station burrito back then!

Next Week: Rule #6 Mooooo!

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