Thursday, October 08, 2015

It Doesn't Get Much Better

Picture perfect weather
This Fall has been a spectacular one so far. The weather has been a touch on the warmer side here and dry. That means being outdoors is a very attractive place to be these days. Not too hot, and it cools off nicely in the evenings. even the winds haven't been all that bad this Fall.

I took the liberty of getting out for a short, 25 miler yesterday on my day off. It was about as good as it can get. Little to no wind, big skies, and warm enough for short sleeves but not at all hot. The gravel was good and dusty, with lots of freshly laid sections, but that is par for the course anymore. You just about have to expect that will be what you find out there anymore these days.

Following are a few shots I got while enjoying a good ride on a fine Fall day in Iowa.

Harvesting continues. There is still a lot to be done yet. 
I've been enjoying some roads South and West of Waterloo of late. Here is a rare blue sign. Most are green out in the country here. 
The Raleigh Tamland 2 was eating up the miles. So smooth!


teamdarb said...

Is this your go to, dare I say- favorite bike?

Kenneth said...

So it's not just me. It also looks like you have noticed the last couple years fresh grave benign laid more frequent and it seam to be the same throughout the state not just a few counties.

Guitar Ted said...

@teamdarb: Hmm.....well, it doesn't get much better.... ;>)