Saturday, March 19, 2016

Wheels For The Standard Rando: Update 2

Tires swapped to something "kingly"
Okay, here's an update on how the big gravel tires are doing on the big gravel rims. In my last post on this bike and wheels, I had Nano40TCS tires on which were measuring out at 42mm in width. I wanted to try out some Panaracer 40mm Gravel Kings  with the hope being that they would clear the frame a little better. Lower knobs and all of that. But, with a completely different manufacturer, it wasn't a sure thing.

The tires came in on Thursday and Thursday night I mounted them. By the next morning, they looked ginormous. They were taking up as much room as the Nano 40's, despite having lower knob action. I rode the bike into work, checked the air pressure, and measured the width of the casings with a digital calipers. The pressure was 35psi in the rear tire and it measured at 43.11mm.


The tires were actually bigger than the Nano 40 TCS tires on these 25mm internal width rims. That's breaching into monster-cross/29"er territory there. But my bigger concern was that the mono-stay design of the Twin Six Standard Rando was making clearance an issue with these tires. Even more so than with the Nano 40's. So, I am finding out that the bigger rims are making these tires not only wider, but so voluminous that they don't clear the T-6 frame with enough air space that I am comfortable with those big tires on that bike. Time for a change......

I've got something in mind for the short term and a longer term fix is in the works as well.


Exhausted_Auk said...

I'm liking the sound of that next time I need tires for my Vaya.

Derek Teed said...

Sounds like they'd be great in my tripster, easily have clearance for up to 45mm. Running Nano's on Belgium plus rims now with really good mud clearance which is nice but wouldn't mind trying a bit wider rim if it proves to be beneficial.

Barturtle said...

On my Velocity Blunt SS, I measured 42mm with some Conti Speedride 42, a tyre which has never measured more than 39mm on any other rim I've mounted it on.