Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wednesday Blues

The view from the front porch on Wednesday evening.
 Wednesdays.... Lately they have been quite the bummer. For the last three weeks in a row it has been stormy and caused me to miss riding, except for last week when I got caught in the rain.

Well, when it rains and storms, then you cannot bicycle safely in the country. So what do you do? You organize, clean, maintain, write stuff, and start new projects. Well......maybe you don't write, but you get the picture. I did a lot of stuff I would have put off had I not been sequestered by imminent danger of lightning or tornado action.

Let's see.....
  • I routed the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational as a ride starting and ending at the Broad Street Brewing Company.
  • I made a tentative GPS file for the course which will be released pending recon.
  • I turned around the Fargo post Kansas thrashing. 
  • I updated my Lezyne Super GPS. (YES- a full review is still pending)
  • I organized some random tools donated to me because "you're a bicycle guy". 
  • I purchased two Bontrager Scandium 24 hole rims for a project I am going to do. (Only a wheel build)
  • I took all the random change I found on my dresser and desk, added it to the full piggy bank, and turned it in at the Credit Union. All of $21.15, so not a lot. (The piggy bank was all pennies)
I also cleaned more in the Lab, washed some clothes, answered some e-mails, posted on social media, and surfed the innergoogles because......internet. That's what you do.

Oh.........and I drank a lot of coffee. 

Of barely rained all day. Gah! Dang weathermen and their fear mongering. But then again, there was a lot of severe weather around. Who knows......

All I know is I am about done with Wednesdays like these!

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