Monday, November 18, 2019

Not Quite Right

Preparing for Winter
Saturday morning rolled around and I tried rolling out of bed. unnnnh! oooh! OW! 

Something was not quite right. You know the feeling. When the joints ache, the head feels like someone is trying to crack it open from the inside, and are you dead tired, despite getting plenty of sleep. Yep! I was sick. Something.....whatever it was, was trying to bring me down. So, I knew I was out as far as riding a bicycle went.

I did get some work done that I'd been neglecting over the last few weeks. Can redemption, grocery shopping with Mrs. Guitar Ted, and some other little things. I took it pretty easy though, and I drank water throughout the day. I still felt "not quite right" when I went to bed though. It continued on into Sunday as well. So, the rain on Sunday was not a big deal to me.

Instead, I decided to get some Winter preparation work done. On bicycles, that is. I had thought about those studded tires, the 45NRTH Gravdals, and I found a spare set of wheels that weren't going anywhere soon, and slapped those together. These could go on the pink BMC MCD whenever I needed grip on ice. Of course, this level of preparation guarantees that I will not need them the rest of the Winter. (I hope) We'll see......

Then I decided to refresh the 650B Irwin Cycles wheels shod with the WTB Venture tires. This combination worked last March in a surprising way on some icy, snowy bike trails. I already know it works well on softer, wet gravel too. These are the sort of conditions we get in Winter on gravel roads, unless it goes all ice, or it gets so cold it becomes impossible to stay warm for longer than an hour. Then I will retreat into the woods and ride a fat bike.

Now, my body being not quite right isn't the only thing lately which hasn't been "quite right" and this has also been an issue for me. It has to do with my job at the bike shop. Things are in upheaval, and in the coming weeks, there could be some major changes. Well........there will be. Just what will happen has me, and the rest of my co-workers, in a state of stress which is not a lot of fun to be going through, as you might imagine. And I have to believe this has something to do with what happened with me this weekend as well.

I don't have a lot to complain about in life, and really, I have it pretty good. So, don't go and think my life is going down the toilet, or that things are super-bad here with me. There are folks with a LOT worse things going on than myself, and I realize that. But that said, I won't be looking back on 2019 with a ton of fondness. Especially on the professional side. Still, I am blessed, and that's what I'm focusing on.


FarleyBob said...

I hope you are feeling well soon! Thanks for all that you do G-Ted!!

Rydn9ers said...

Is there a Guitar Ted's Bicycle Emporium in the near future???

Guitar Ted said...

@FarleyBob- Thank you! Feeling a bit better today.

@Rydn9ers- No, no! But there are opportunities. Still bicycle stuff. Stay tuned.....

DT said...

Are those studded tires tubeless or tubeless ready?

Also, I feel for you on the employment side. I've been following your hints and references for awhile now, and really haven't got any good suggestions or advice. I wish there was some way to really monetize or at least capitalize the work you've been doing, especially since it involves a cash cow part of the industry right now with gravel riding. Maybe a book or Patreon/podcast? I do not know, but I wish I did. You deserve to be compensated for the information and advice you've provided.

Guitar Ted said...

@DT- They are not tubeless.

Thanks for your empathy. I appreciate it. I have something that I hope will work out. I cannot talk about it just yet, but at some point the whole story will come out.

teamdarb said...

Whenever I get that "dang it" life feeling I play a little Johnny "Guitar" Watson "A real mother for ya" Enjoy Mr Ted.

teamdarb said...

By the way, Johnny "Guitar" Watson is how I found your blog space years ago. I use to spin through the D(d)istrict early morning Sunday blasting his music. One day I was trying to Google some music to steal. Being that I am bad at internet I saw Guitar Ted and thought as to what the heck is that. I knew what a TED was, and Guitar Watson. No, I did not know a Guitar Ted. I think the first read was headed by a warning of strong opinion.Any how, Always following along.

What are your thoughts on Press Fit Eccentric Bottom Brackets? It is already too later for me as I picked up a New Albion Drake frame specifically to bring out to the midwest next season. Majority of my adventures will be out that way in 2020.

Guitar Ted said...

@teamdarb- (Wilson) That Johnny Guitar Watson is some funky stuff! Thanks for the recommendo. I will be listening to some more of his stuff.

Thanks for giving me a chance. Glad that you read here and all.

Press Fit eccentric? You know, I've never had a frame, until very recently, that would work with such a bottom bracket. Typical eccentric bottom brackets- yes. I've used, and still use, those. You know- I think I saw that Wheels Manufacturing may have one, and it looked well done. But otherwise, I have not actually used one.

Hope to run across you somewhere in 2020.