Thursday, February 26, 2015


Just a quick pit stop to fool around with the camera.
It isn't often that you get to ride on clear, mostly clean pathways and roads to work, and then come home on five inches or more of snow that has just fallen. Not only that, but this snow had plenty of moisture in it and actually was decent to ride on/through. I was a day of contrasts.

The highlight of the ride home was perhaps the BMW 730i driver that couldn't negotiate the water tower hill and spun around sideways. Good thing some big truck wasn't blasting up the hill or there would have been trouble. Those low profile, sporty tires are cool in Summer, but kind of like a pig on ice in winter.

Traction action was no problem with the Blackborow DS though. Those Lou tires on Clown Shoe rims spread out to lay down a really big patch through the newly fallen snow. I only had an issue on a steep ramp where I had to push and across the empty field near my home since there was a bunch of underlying icy snow patches. Otherwise I was surprised by the amount of places I was able to ride on. I attribute part of this to having some "real" snow for once instead of fluff or sugary snow granules that make riding nigh unto impossible. It looks to be cold and snowy again this weekend, so maybe another late Winter push in deep snow is in order.


Doug M. said...

Fancy car owners that won't 'splurge' on snow tires = facepalm. Surprisingly common out here in the Snow Belt.

Ari said...

Looking good G.T.! I am happy to see you get out. Stay Healthy.

Guitar Ted said...

@Ari- Thanks! I hope you are out getting miles in as well.