Monday, February 09, 2015

#psyck part 4

Secret Testing
Yep.........still sick. It is really frustrating since it gets better, there seems to be light just around the corner, then I wake up with the same symptoms- Mostly sinus related. I'll spare you the gory details....

This has meant that I haven't done much at all with longer rides, and nothing at all this year on gravel. Which pretty much sucks, but I haven't been totally off the bike. I have been doing some fat biking here and there and also some double-secret testing of an accessory item that may be a thing for fat bikers and......well, we'll see. I cannot talk a whole bunch about it, but it is in the image here, so you can probably figure things out from there.

Also quite obvious, it is slop season again. Daytime temperatures are now up to where the snow is melting and causing many sloppy, slushy areas, and of course, puddles. In fact, it may be time to break out the Vaya and use the 45NRTH Gravdal studded tires since those puddles will likely be frozen puddles going into work. Oh yeah........I still plan on riding to work no matter what. Even though I didn't get to ride, or even get out of the house, all weekend.

Tweaking the Gryphon
Since things out on the gravel roads may be messy when I get healthy enough to venture forth, I decided to start in working on the Singular Cycles Gryphon to get it up to snuff to go out and grind some slow miles to gain some fitness back. It didn't need much, but I wasn't completely sold on the ochre colored Brooks I put on it so I switched back up to the original B-17 Green Special, which is old enough now that it looks more like a ripe olive than it does "green". Originally I had put on this cork tape that matched the saddle really well, but now would look garish on there with the patina the saddle has now. Well, fortunately I found this Planet Bike that is a dark green and approximates the level of green in my saddle much better. Once I finally get to riding again, the wearing in of the tape should bring it to match the saddle perfectly.

I tried out the Becker Bike frame bag on it that was really meant to be on my Gen 1 Fargo, but it fits really well on this bike too. I think having the extra cargo space may be a good idea once I get back to going again for the longer rides I have planned.


Nick said...

Have you tried using a neti pot for your nasals?

Iowagriz said...

If I'm seeing what I think I am, that could be a nice accessory for spring gravel rides as well. Nice idea!

Guitar Ted said...

@Iowagriz- Yep! This would be great on the gravel about now, and there is talk of a cyclo cross version maybe down the road.

eBikeADV said...

Indeed, try a netti pot! And also, it's maybe a long shot, but have you looked for mold in or around where you sleep? It could be aggravating your condition or be directly responsible in some way. Normally I wouldn't go so far as to blame mold, but you've been sick for a while now!

Mac said...

I'm feeling you on the sickness front. I've been suffering since last Thursday, and am maybe starting to feel better today.

I missed a few decent riding days, and the extended forecast is not currently inviting. Starting to get stir crazy.