Sunday, February 01, 2015

Dirty Kanza 200 Chronicles V2: Tubeless And Long Walks

Tubeless Nano 40's
Unconventional stuff but stuff none the less. The end of Winter has been proving to be most challenging and tough to get around in terms of getting outside. For several reasons, doing any indoor training here isn't an option right now. Plus, I was still not 100% until recently health-wise. 

The trip to Frostbike provided a bug kick in the pants from the standpoint of getting some work in. I walked 12.2 miles in pretty cold temperatures, which was a fun time, but at the end of the walk, it hurt! That led to some bike rides to work and back, including a nice, -17°F one that is my PR for cold riding to work. Then we got a dump of snow and I got to ride in that as well.

Gear-wise I got a pair of Nano 40's set up tubeless on WTB Frequency i23 rims, and that set up has been rock solid as far as air retention, plus the tires look to have a good volume on those rims. Right now that is all set up on the Vaya, but that may not be where they will end up. Bike choice is definitely still up in the air, but my Tamland is also a possibility here. The hang up with the Tamland is that it is 11 speed and I don't have 11 speed compatible wheels other than what is on that bike right now, and those things- while durable- are tanks. Too heavy. I have the HED Ardennes + wheels, which might be 11spd compatible, but I am not sure they are. Gotta check that. Aero- but kinda heavy.

Lots of finagling and decision making yet to do. Lots of training to get going on. Bring on Spring! It's gotta be better than the -21°F we had yesterday morning!

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