Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday News And Views

Last year traveling on a closed I-35 to Frostbike
Frostbike 15:

Well, it's time for the annual Frostbike gathering. Funny thing. It used to be just the two days- Saturday and Sunday. Then it crept over to Friday. Now things start Wednesday night and Thursday.  Well, my gig isn't really "on" until tonight. Then Saturday is obviously a huge day. Look for some "big" news to be splattered all over the web come Saturday morning. Yes.......there will be some interesting new stuff to talk about. 

Speaking of talking about stuff, I'll also be meeting up with my partner Ben to discuss planning and direction for the remainder of 2015. There may be some pretty exciting stuff coming along. Plus- we'll be doing something for a new Riding Gravel Radio Ranch podcast if things pan out.

I'm sure there will be something surprising, impromptu, or goofy happening as well. Maybe all three at once. Hey! It's Frostbike after all, and if the past is any indication..........

Great tubeless experience so far.
Nano 40 TCS:

So, I have a quick update on the Nano 40mm TCS tires, which are UST based in dimension. As I stated earlier, I went ahead and mounted these tires on my TCS Frequency i23 rims. The sealant I used is the "MG" formula I have been using for about seven years now. Otherwise everything here is a system- all TCS designed WTB product.

Okay, let's get this out of the way first- this is the easiest tubeless tire set up I have ever tried. The WTB TCS system I've used before is already easy. However; the Nano 40 TCS is just a wee bit better in terms of being able to be mounted totally by hand with no tools. It's not an "easy" fit, but totally doable without levers. The thing is, the tires fit so perfectly on the rim I could use a battered, dilapidated Blackburn floor pump to seat the beads. No air compressor, no fancy dance. Just a simple airing up.

Now that's impressive, but check this out- after 48 hours, the tires are still at the pressures I set them at. And that's with zero riding to seal up the casings. I have just spun the wheels a bit but otherwise, this has been the best at air retention as well. Oh......and the tires both measure out at exactly 40mm. Now hopefully that my health is almost there, I may get out on these very soon since the weather looks to make an upturn soon.

From the last 3GR in '13.
Announcing The Return Of The 3GR

Okay, after a year hiatus, I am ready to bring back this weekly ride. I have discussed it with the boss at the shop and he's in favor of supporting this in some way. How that looks is yet to be determined. However; you can expect this ride to be on Saturday mornings, just like in the past. The "jumping off point" is also yet to be determined. I really liked the Waterloo starting point, but suggestions will be sought out for any ideas on the starting point. I would also like the ride to include a stop post ride for coffee and conversations.

Okay- for anyone local that doesn't get this, it is a "gravel grinder group ride"- 3 g's and an "r" make "3GR". Usually about 40-ish miles in length, and about 15-18mph in speed. Friendly, no drop, and mildly difficult, I would say.

Now, if that isn't your cup of tea, I have another ride for you that will happen locally for the first time and will be great for any first timers. Yep! A "Geezer Ride" will happen in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area sometime later this Summer or early Fall. Maybe in August, but I haven't decided yet.

Okay- that's a wrap on this one. Look for any cool Frostbike nonsense to be reported on here throughout the weekend and for sure on Monday.

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Exhausted_Auk said...

Yay, the return of 3GR! Already looking forward to it.