Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Trans Iowa V11: WTB Sponsorship

Lots of Nano 40 TCS tires right there!
Trans Iowa V11 Sponsored By WTB:

Trans Iowa V11 is coming up this April and as in other years, we have some sponsors of the event. However; this year I think this may prove to be the "biggest" sponsorship Trans Iowa has ever received. I have to say that I didn't think WTB could top last year's efforts when they shipped us five sets of Nano 40 folding bead tires that should have went to OE customers instead. A rare, rare thing these days for an event to have that kind of precedence. But......those WTB guys found a way. 

Those boxes you see in the image? Stuffed with 10 WTB Nano 40 TCS tubeless ready tires in each for a total of 40 tires!!

 Why? Because some folks at WTB think Trans Iowa is rad and want to reward those who finish. Each official finisher of Trans Iowa V11 will receive a set of TCS Nano 40's. Needless to say, you must be on the roster now and finish the event within all time constraints and within the limits of the rules.

Okay, so big deal, right? These are just tires., these are actually pretty darn special tires. The reason why is that they represent probably the only component in a true tubeless system for gravel road riders. Match this tire up with a suitable TCS WTB rim, and add sealant, and you have a bombproof, no worries tubeless system for gravel roads, back roads, bandit CX, or for whatever you want to do on a bicycle with these mounted to it. I already know.....

A review set of TCS Nano 40's for
WTB also sent me out a set to review. Yes, I have already used Nano 40's, and they make a fine choice for gravel roads, especially if the roads are loose gravel. They also fly on plain old dirt as well. However; my experiences were with tubes, and these tires won't need those durn things!

I also have a set of TCS Frequency i23 rims laced up and that's what I mounted these new TCS Nano 40's to. The i23 designation means that the inner width of the rim is 23mm. That's about 4mm wider inside than most "average" cyclo cross rims or road bike rims. This will allow me to run lower pressures for faster, more stable gravel road riding while still supporting the tire in an excellent way so it shouldn't roll off, burp, or pinch against the rim. Obviously, being that the Frequency i23 rims and the Nano 40's are both TCS tubeless compatible, they should be a match made in heaven. I can tell you that they mounted up with the greatest of ease. I used an old, tired, Blackburn floor pump and the beads set with a nice, convincing snap. I look forward to many miles of great rides with these tires, but.........we shall see! 

Anyway- that's what anyone that finishes T.I.v11 can expect from these tires mounted on TCS rims. They should be a great reward for overcoming 331+ miles of Iowa dirt and gravel roads. 

Thanks to WTB for supplying the Trans Iowa V11 event with this prizing and for the set of tires sent out for review. WTB did not pay, nor bribe me for this post and I will strive to give my honest thoughts and opinions throughout.


Tyler Loewens said...

Nice! Will you be running those at Odins this year?

Doug H said...

Hey, What is the width of the Nano 40'3 on the i23 rim?