Thursday, April 21, 2016

Trans Iowa v12: As We Prepare For Launch

Numbers are VERY important!
There are a few details about this weekend's Trans Iowa that I needed to make a point about. This should be a pretty short post.

Numbers: The number plates are personalized this year by your's truly, but the biggest thing about these numbers is that our volunteers will be keying off your number to check you through the check point. So, your number needs to be visible at all times!! 

I suggest pinning or tying them to the front end of your bike. Too many times what happens is that a rider will tack a number onto a jacket, then it warms up and the jacket comes off and gets stowed. Guess what? The number doesn't get moved to the jersey many times, so then our CP#2 volunteers have a more difficult time tracking you. Or, the opposite happens, where a number gets pinned to a jersey and a coat goes over that and guess what? Same deal only in reverse.

So, please make it easier on everyone and pin that number on the bike! Then make sure it is visible! Numbers are easier for our volunteers to deal with because names can be misunderstood and misconstrued which leads to confusion. We want to track you and score you as accurately as possible, so please follow the number on the bike protocol which seems to work best for everyone.

Trans Iowa Radio Presented By Once again, you can check out all the call-ins from the riders and my reports on the event starting Friday at Trans Iowa Radio.  Here's the deal for this year: The audio will only be on the site which I have linked to in the previous sentence. You can bookmark the page and keep checking back periodically for rider's call ins and reports from me, GT, which Ben Welnak will be feverishly posting up as fast as he can get to them. Each audio post will be about two minutes in length, so it will not take long to check them out.

The Trans Iowa Radio page will have the call in number riders need to use to call in with. Just call and listen for the prompts. It is a great way for you, as a person wondering what the heck is going on with your favorite rider, to find out just that if they post a message. Please encourage everyone to do that who you know is in the event. The more calls, the merrier!

Cut Off Times: There should be no confusion about cut off times. Here they are again...

Checkpoint cut off times. Know them!

Start Time: 4:00 am in front of Bikes To You
Time Cut Off for Checkpoint #1- 8:30am Saturday
Time Cut Off for Checkpoint #2- 7:30pm Saturday
Time Cut Off for the Finish- 2:00pm Sunday
Mileages: Overall: 339.9 miles. Distance to Checkpoint #1: 53 miles. Distance to Checkpoint #2: 160 miles

Let there be no misunderstanding- If you are even one minute late, you are done. No questions. Period. 

There will be people missing cut off times. It is what it is. 

Oh! And let's not forget another "cut off" time, which happens at what riders are calling "Checkpoint 0" or simply "CP0". Of course, they are referring to the Pre-Race Meat-Up at the Grinnell Steakhouse. Riders must check in by 6:30pm at the Steakhouse or risk missing T.I.v12. Again- DON"T BE LATE. Would I really not let you ride if you are late? 

You don't really want to find out. Trust me. Just don't be late.

See ya Friday! 

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