Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trans Iowa v12: Recon Images

Saturday the final checking of the course was done. I have a full report filed which will go live on Monday. PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THIS> It will be VERY IMPORTANT to read through it all.

In the meantime, please enjoy the following images from the recon I did with Wally Kilburg and George Keslin.

The recon rig, George, (L) and Wally (R).
You know what that sign means!!
Sometimes you cannot even use a recon vehicle. Wally walking a Level B to check it out.
Barns For Jason: Level C Road Version.
Iowa should be pretty beautiful next weekend. Trees are popping leaves and the grass is green!

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Unknown said...

Great to see how much work and joy you get out of putting on the Trans Iowa.
I know quite a few areas of Gravel near where I grew up, about 45 or so minute drive from where I live now, and I have led rides out there with a couple friends, usually just a couple, no more than 5 including me, next week I'm going to go out there and write down turns and mileage, and take some photos on main turns so I can make up some good cue sheets. Lots of these roads are steep and some for logging, and behind closed gates, so I'll have to just go out and ride it. Not sure if I will try to make the route more of a actual event, but I would also like to surprise some of the employees at the local bike shop with the cue sheets, and see if they can go out there on a weekday-they usually work the busy weekends and try it out, and see how they enjoy it, it is a different and hillier set of roads than two of the employees more often ride.
I enjoy your blog and insights