Sunday, April 10, 2016

Trans Iowa v12: Numbers

In two weeks Trans Iowa v12 will almost be over. Until then, it is all about numbers for me.

I have already started using up printer cartridges, I have almost gotten 95 waivers printed, and I have 95 more media releases to go after that. Then it will be the personalized number plates, which will be in the neighborhood of 95, unless I get more drops before I start.

Then there are those drops. They have been pretty steady since April started. Many job issues, medical issues, and a few family things. We will more than likely start the smallest Rookie field we have had in several years. As of this writing, we're down to 22 out of the 40 that got in.

Then there are the miles of recon coming next weekend. 339 miles worth, plus the going to and coming back from miles. After that is done, I will be printing cue sheets for around 95 racers, with three sets of cue sheets which means a lot of cutting, sorting, and bagging.

I want to apologize in advance to my regular readers that do not have an interest in Trans Iowa, because there is going to be a number of days of Trans Iowa v12 banter here. It is on my mind a lot, obviously, and as the days grow closer to the 22nd of April, my mind gets more and more consumed with the twelfth edition of this gravel road ultra.


Robert Jones said...

Just because an event is small doesn't mean it isn't world class, so no apologies needed for all the coverage. Best of luck to all participants, I am in awe of their planning abilities, dedication and stamina! Including Guitar Ted without whom Trans Iowa would not happen.

IMG said...

I love reading about how you skin the cat as it were as far as organizing T-I. It is interesting how someone else attacks their own gravel race/ride. The fact that it is the grand-daddy of them all just makes it all the better!

I wonder how many folks were using this past weekend's Ragnarok (SE MN, 107 miles of hills) as a shake down cruise. When we started it up we thought to generally have it 2-3 weeks ahead of T-I to give folks a chance to test themselves and gear before tackling IA.

Guitar Ted said...

@IMG: I know for a fact that a lot of folks have used the Ragnorok for exactly that reason. Thanks for putting on such a classic event. I know many people love it. Someday, maybe I can get my carcass up there and drag it over those hills......