Thursday, September 28, 2017


The Fall season is about when I start feeling "the weight". Not the song by The Band, but the weight of responsibility. Responsibility for Trans Iowa being a good event. It takes a lot of planning and thought far ahead of the event. So, I have to be "on the ball" when it comes to getting that event up and running. Of course, there is the route, which changes every year, but that isn't all.

Registration is what most potential Trans Iowans probably have on their minds foremost concerning the event now. That usually takes place in October. You know, that's coming up real soon! I need to get the details out sooner than later. Then on top of that, I have to get the course recon going too. That doesn't leave a lot of time for "other stuff". Then, you know, I have a paying job, a wife and children, and more that are going on that are really important too. 

I'm not complaining. It isn't like it has taken me 13 Trans Iowas to suddenly now figure it out, because I know this will happen every Fall. But it is where my head is at this time of the year and I find it very difficult to think about anything else clearly. That may be why Fall is less fun for me than it was 14 years ago.

But, be that as it may, I have work to get to. I have a couple questions begging for answers that only a 5 hour round trip drive will cure. I have to sit down and go over my registration process again and make sure it is 100% dialed before I announce it. Then I have to continue route planning and sometime in October I am going to actually drive the course. It's going to be a very busy month.

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